Classsic Blush Makeup Brush

Classsic Blush Makeup Brush

Classic blush makeup brush:1.feature:matte red ferrule matched with black wooden handle is very perfect.2.advantage: up-grade quality synthetic hair mixed with three colors and white peak is very flexible to put on the face.Choosing classic blush makeup brush is the best choice for you.3.beneficial:the handle is comfortable to use.4.example:it sells in set in quantity in Thailand.

Product Details

Classsic blush makeup brush

Product details:

①Hair: synthetic hair mixed with tricolors and white peak.

②Handle:shiny rose red  aluminum ferrule with double lines

④Used with:cheek 

⑤Packing:PET BOX+card

Selling point: 

①it is comfortable for our face when we use it.

②best selling and the price is deserving for you.

③ customers often purshase our brush in quantity, especially European market.

red ferrule and black handle

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