- Apr 16, 2018-


contour:The shadow of the face is used to make the lines clearer.

Brush with short and round hair, used to brush dark blusher, brush under the cheekbones to make the cheekbone high.

Contour brush material comparison:

1.Mink hair: the texture is soft and moderate, it is the best in bristles.

2.Goat hair: for the most common brush, the texture is soft and durable.

3.Horse hair: the texture is harder than the goat hair, used as a shadow brush.

4.Squirrel hair: cheaper than mink hair, soft and soft.

5.Artificial fiber: more than the animal hair hard, suitable for a thick paste color makeup.

6.Nylon: the hardest texture, used as a mascara brush.

7.A good brush is like this: the bristles of a good brush are soft and smooth and easy to use.

When choosing a cosmetic brush, pay attention to the texture of the hair. You can also use your fingers to hold the bristles gently down to see if the brush will drop. Sweep the brush on the back of the hand and draw a semicircle to see if the cut of the hair is neat, and the brush face of the brush should be naturally flared.

After each use, you should brush on the face paper and wipe away the remaining cosmetics.

Better cleaning once a week: soak brush in diluted neutral shampoo, gently with fingertips along the direction of the brush to extrapolate, until completely wash cosmetics remnants, reoccupy cold water wash it After wash gently with towel absorb excess water, flat to dry Don't you push hard on the brush it may lead to deformation.

If the brush is made of natural hair, use some conditioner in the wash to make the hair more pliable.

Let the brush air-dry, cannot use hair dryer or drying in the sun, or is likely to hurt material Brush after dry hand gently knead the brush head, reoccupy finger play a play, help it to resume fluffy.