Expensive makeup brush and cheap makeup brush contrast better where?

- Oct 13, 2017-

Making makeup brush bristles are divided into fiber hair and animal hair and mixed hair of these three, poor fiber wool makeup brush, wool and clothing store model head that kind of almost. The price is below $ 10. Very bar, used in his face pain, grasping powder capacity is poor, not easy to color. And the blooming effect is very poor, prone to color blocks. And it is easy to hair loss, sweep in the face will fall a lot of shredded hair. Hard to clean up. The connector is made of inferior glue. Water out, can not be cleaned.

Ordinary fiber wool makeup brush, hair is very soft and fluffy, very fine hair. Cosmetics brush price in ten yuan to a hundred or so. Very soft, not irritating to the skin, but the ability to catch powder is very poor, it is difficult to color. No support force and blooming, can not blooming. There will be hair loss or out of the situation.