How to fry the makeup brush

- Oct 13, 2017-

1, make-up brush must be washed with scrub water, a lot of people say that my makeup brush did not wash the water cleaning is also nothing ah, but long down you will find the problem.

2, make-up brush cleaning process can not be rubbing sideways, to go along the direction of hair cleaning, to minimize friction

3, make-up brush clean after the natural must be dry, remember not to dry or dry, the brush is a great impact

4, cosmetic brush as usual as a Monday to clean, or else long-term accumulation of makeup residue will be difficult to clean

Finally, to remind you that, whether it is daily make-up or professional make-up, make-up brush for makeup artists are very valuable things, it determines your makeup face is good or bad, such as eye shadow blooming, , Blush blush and so on, so please cherish them.