How to maintain better lip brush?

- Oct 13, 2017-

1, with makeup water or brush cleaning fluid poured into the honey cover, about a thin layer of completely covered the weight, so that the brush brush brush dipped in adsorption, slightly dissolved attached to the cosmetics.

2, the natural ingredients of the shampoo fell into the basin mix and match the bubble, and then fully mixed with the bubble in the bubble water.

3, the brush brush brush in the palm of your hand to repeat the grasp, put the way, so that the bristles in the residual dirt and make-up completely cleared out.

4, and then brush the brush in the end of the brush, but also the most frequent contact with the cosmetic parts, once again carefully clean and clean.

5, and finally with a lot of water to clean the brush brush brush, and with a clean basin completely clean the bristles in the residual cleaning agent.

6, if the brush because of the use of detergent and become too astringent, can be a small amount of conditioner, slightly straighten the hair tail, and the same to a lot of clean water.

7, take a few sheets of paper towels or a good water towel, covered with lip brush bristles, pressed several times, so that the moisture was sucked as far as possible, flat on the ventilation can be dry.