Make-up brush after cleaning dry smell how to do?

- Oct 13, 2017-

Make-up brush cleaning method: clean with warm water + washing liquid

1, soaking the bristles of the makeup brush (note that the hand to seize the mouth of the brush and the bristle joints do not touch the water), so that brush hair down.

2, pour the scrub water in the palm. With your fingertips along the brushes in the makeup brush gently push out

3, with your fingertips brushing the direction of the brush brush gently push out until the complete wash away the remnants of cosmetics, and finally rinse with water can

4, make-up brush after washing on the table put a towel or paper towel to absorb moisture, sort out the bristles, and then dry in the shade.

5, make-up brush after drying with a hand to gently rub a brush, and then a finger bombs, to restore the fluffy state. Do not use the brush, head up in the bottle (or bagging).


1, make-up brush to naturally dry, can not use the hair dryer to dry, or on the sun under the sun, otherwise it may hurt the material; make-up brush clean, but also re-use hair care milk dip, will make bristles Softer.

2, make-up brush do not wash the handle to the handle at the junction of the contact with the wooden handle, and it is difficult to dry, easy to cause loose. Brush mouth sticky part try not to wet!

3, make-up brush must follow the direction of hair growth cleaning. Otherwise it will hurt the hair quality.