Makeup Brush Set Worth Every Penny

- Jan 09, 2018-

Makeup Brush Set Worth Every Penny

cost is a non-issue and professional results are your aim, these brushes are the way. Each one has a custom metal-handle and velvet-like tips made of engineered CosmeFibre, which delivers the smoothest coverage possible.


OK, so this isn't a brush set, per se, but if you're familiar with Beautyblender, you know why it's in here. Even better: This pro kit comes with three different sized sponges, the blotterazzi pro and also includes the brand's custom cleanser. Winning! 

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If you're the cat-eye queen or any level of advanced in the eye makeup department, this set is for you. From an angled liner brush to a crease-perfecting number, this under $100 kit has all the essentials. 


This kit covers two key categories: face and eye makeup.

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