The daily makeup brush six necessary

- Mar 09, 2018-

The daily makeup brush six necessary

 There are many different kinds of brushes Deal with daily makeup, can according to personal habits to combine makeup look But there are 6 brush is the basis of the necessary configuration: powder paint concealer brush cheek red brush brush eye shadow brush eyebrow and lip brush.

  Powder brush: sweep out of vanity with silk texture, makeup lasting 

  concealer brush cleaner: fine brush to brush the hard-to-reach parts, cover effect more even natural 

  blush brush: blush brush out natural radian, mottling shadows, perfect facial contour 

  eye shadow brush: variety need to prepare different size of eye shadow brush to match different eye 

  eyebrow brush paint method: cooperate with eyebrow powder, can draw quite a natural 

  eyebrow eyebrow pencil is easier to control and shade.

1.  Use eyebrow brush to touch with the eye shadow of the most similar hair color, first outline the ideal eyebrow type.

2.Use an eyebrow comb (the same as a small comb) and comb your brows along the direction of the brow.

3.On the initial outline of the eyebrows, the eyebrow pencil is like a kind of eyebrows, the eyebrow brush erect, and with a dark eyebrow end, thick down to the eyebrow end of the natural end.

4.Use the spoolie brush, from the brow to the end of the eyebrow, and gently apply the eye shadow if you want to make the brows more stylish, you can draw a small amount of black mascara on the eyebrows to add a three-dimensional feeling.

Lip brush: accurately delineate the lip shape, making the lips full and uniform, more durable.

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