What is the material of the bristles of the makeup brush?

- Oct 13, 2017-

Makeup brush by the bristles and brush handle composition, of course, is the more expensive animal hair the better, the best is wolf cents, but unfortunately that stuff almost no. The rest is mink hair, then the goat hair, horse hair. The most common make-up bristles on the market are goat wool and horseshoe. But some of the high-grade wool is divided into seven grades. Respectively: fine light peak, fine light peak, in the light peak, white light peak, white peak, yellow and white peak, yellow peak. Generally used to make blush brush, repair Yan brush, powder brush, fan-shaped brush. Ma hair, then the general selection of pony hair, making the most commonly used eye shadow brush. Like some need to dip the paste, such as the end of the brush brush eyeliner brush, lip brush and the like are generally fiber. Because the fiber is easy to clean, with animal hair, then dipped in paste cleaning will be very difficult. So different brushes according to different functional materials are also different.