Why use a makeup brush

- Mar 23, 2018-

 For professional women, make up one thing seems to be a gentle, the fit suit is essential, with better quality hair also should appear relaxed and agile, and make up, in most of the lady in the office, have the time can wipe lipstick, thrush, sometimes in the morning time in a hurry, just plain.

   Actually, spend some of idea on the makeup, elegant shape a spell able sedate professional image, not only can you add 8 hours in shape self-confidence will bring you good mood, can gain more boss and colleagues' favor and trust you never so radiant, seems to be tough job all elude you, is a can bear with qualified talents! A perfect office look won't take you too long, but you'll have to learn some practical skills first.

  Journal of those skin transparent and pure model enviable, it is mostly the effect of the quality of pink you should choose pink color with color close to, if the powder color white, can have the feeling of floating foundation shall not apply too thick, flap technique applied on a thin layer are available, and pay attention to the hair and neck, must have the natural transition, lest produce masks like feeling in addition, should be on the nourishing cream fully absorbed after powder, to ensure the effect of the uniform.

   Tall thin eyebrows, very gentle and lovely women, but in the office, you are the best choice should be a bit rough and eyebrow peak subacute camber, look smart and capable If your eyebrows are mixed and disorderly or down from her brow and can use more relaxed pulling up a jealous over the weekend, with a small scissors to cut out clearer camber, you will find that your face is the instantaneous coruscate gives clear look beautiful labial makeup colour is a topic.

   Many professional women have such experience, gaunt face by staying up late, only need to wipe on a layer of lipstick can be improved, is many, so many women even less normal make-up, tote bag have a lipstick pink orange lipstick is very popular in the office, and a variety of matte sink dark red with purple and light lipstick is not suitable for office work atmosphere of the natural lip line is not labial makeup is now become fashion, if not in the office lip line, applies lip pen carefully outline the round clear lip.

   The office makeup colour cannot too dazzling, also cannot be mixed fuzzy, should give a person a kind of harmonious and pleasing to the eye of beauty With warm color tone is given priority to, such as pink and orange department can make the skin appear healthy and lively, very suitable for use in the office the colour should be the same as color of makeup look, such as eye shadow and lipstick color should coordinate the echo eyeliner can need not in the office, especially the look below should avoid to use brunet, because it makes your makeup look artificial and stiff.

  Mascara to make your eyes bright and clear Eyelash to cream can make eyelash appears thick and rich luster, is shape cut water double pupil's secret weapon A volume without prior eyelash brush on the volume of mascara, very suitable for makeup time limited career women To eyelash fluid stressed his eyes in the middle of the eyelash, can make a person feel smart and have knowledge; Emphasize the eye tail eyelash, can build the eye that has a deep and qualitative sense.

   Even serious workplace, don't put your expression of immobilized delicate makeup with dull or appropriate changes in expression, always let a person feel some regret you should appear easily alert and vivid expression, exaggerated expression, of course, should be avoided, too much eye games make you seem nervous, lack of stability and tolerance that emanates from the heart smile, is the best cosmetic for free.