Add Brushes To Your Makeup Routine

- Jan 15, 2018-

Add Brushes to Your Makeup Routine

Most women have at least a few makeup brushes in their bathroom drawers and makeup bags. But do you have the right ones? And do you know how to use them? More than likely, the answer is no.

Lucky for us, we've got help! Washington, D.C.-based makeup artist Erwin Gomez's clientele includes celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Rosario Dawson and Eva Longoria, among others. He took an afternoon to show us what brushes we need — and what we need to do with them once we have them!

General use and care

Streamline your brushe

When you go shopping for a makeup brush, you're bombarded with choices. You don't need as many as you think.

"Like artists and painters, makeup artists have all different sizes and types of brushes. At home, though, you don’t need to have tons of brushes. You need six different types (pictured from bottom to top): foundation/concealer, blush, powder, contour, crease, blending and angle," explained Gomez.

Buy the right brushes for you

Even when you know the type of brush you need, you still have a big selection to choose from.

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