Cleaning Your Makeup Brush Regularly

- Jan 16, 2018-

cleaning your makeup brush regularly

Your makeup brushes pick up all the dirt, grime and oil from your face but then can deposit it back on your skin the next time you use them. You don't have to keep buying new ones. Just wash the ones you have.

"To clean a natural brush, use soap and water. The best way to clean a synthetic brush is using a hand sanitizer instead of soap and water. Soap and water actually make it damper. If you're going to reuse the brush immediately, hand sanitizer will dry faster — and kill germs," advised Gomez.

Don’t soak your brushe

"It's an investment to get good brushes, so you must take care of them. Don’t ever soak them in water — it can loosen the glue and harm the wooden handle," he said. Instead, just hold the bristles under gently running water.

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