Do You Know The Purpose Of Various Cosmetic Brushes?

- Mar 01, 2018-

Do you know the purpose of various cosmetic brushes?

  There are so many kinds of brush we have seen,but, do you know the purpose of various cosmetic brushes?

   First,foundation commonly used to brush foundation liquid and foundation cream, notice foundation brush wants to daub even, do not want thin and thick not to still can be in brush after besmear is overdone with wet sponge, can appear more natural.

  Powder brush, powder brush is used to calm makeup, specific operation method is, take a small amount of powder, with calm makeup on face evenly, remove redundant powder Nasal canthus nest these the place that is not easy to brush, powder puff can use honey to detailed calm makeup.

  Eye shadow brush a variety of models of eye shadow brush with sizes, respectively applicable to different places, like a bigger one eye shadow brush is more suitable for large area color, small type is, of course, applies to the processing of detail parts.

  The blush brush is generally similar to the powder paint, some of which is smaller than the powder painting, which is generally the design of the oblique mouth, so that it is more convenient to brush the structure of the position.

  The brush of the lip brush is usually a bit hard, and the brush head is very small, so that the brush head can be better, so as to paint a more solid outline.

  Fan brush ,which can remove the powder from the face and make the makeup look more tidy.

  Eyebrow comb eyebrow comb is designed on both sides, comb surface can be used to comb eyebrow shape, facilitate eyebrow hair comb surface can be used to sweep the residual hair and impurities in eyebrow.

  Angled eyebrow brush is also inclined mouth design, dip the eyebrow powder to draw the general eyebrow shape, and then use eyebrow pencil in the detailed description, make eyebrow shape more stereo.

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