Eyebrow Brush

- Apr 08, 2018-

Eyebrow Brush

Eyebrow brush is beauty makeup tool, can repair eyebrow it has a variety of brush head, a variety of modelling, different brush head have different use.


The diagonal hard brush made by nylon is an indispensable part of the beauty process.

Eyebrow brush or eyebrow before the eyebrow brush to brush off the hair on the eyebrow, brush out the ideal eyebrow movement; After thrush the eyebrow brush is brushed along eyebrow direction gently comb, make eyebrow color deep and shallow accord, natural harmony.

For those who are accustomed to using eyebrow pink thrush, nature is more essential.


Brush the brows before the brow color, the color is more natural after the eyebrow color, after brushing the mascara, use this brush head to brush the eyelash to the root of the effect, the brush remove the lump part.

How to organize and fill eyebrows?

The eyebrow shape can make our brows look more like eyebrow comb and eyebrow brush can quickly arrange eyebrow type, dye eyebrow cream can be quick and easy to draw eyebrow and plastic type.

How to shape a full eyebrow?

Asian women often have thin eyebrows that need to be covered with an eyebrow to match a thick hair.

How the threading?

The eyebrows should begin with an imaginary line drawn from the outer edge of the nose to the inner corner of the eye, removing any stray hairs between the eyebrows.

How to modify the eyebrows?

In order to fill the eyebrow or extend the overdrawn eyebrow, you can use either the eyebrow pencil or the method of drawing the powder with the eyebrow pencil first.

Use a stiff, flat, angled eyebrow brush with a small amount of eye shadow to wipe off excess powder, start with the inside of the brow, gently apply eye shadow, and then gradually apply all the eyebrows. Place a little shadow on the brow peak to highlight the brow arch.

Finally, apply a layer of transparent eyebrow gel to fix the makeup, and also to make the uncompliant eyebrows.

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