How To Buy A Good Foundation Brush?

- Oct 13, 2017-

Why use the foundation brush?

Foundation brush can be separated from the dirty hands and skin touch, but also will not let you finish the makeup after the fingernail gap is yellow liquid foundation. The most critical is as long as the right way, the foundation brush can not only save the amount of cosmetics, but also to maximize the effectiveness of BB and liquid foundation! Why not?

How to pick the foundation brush

Look at the brush: Now there are many kinds of brush on the market shape, where the advice is the choice of the bottom of the kind of flat is the kind of flat ~ and brush head color is better, why wait to see you know The

See the bristles: do not think the more soft the bristles the better, too soft bristles will lead to foundation not makeup. The thick and thick synthetic fiber material is the best.

Some girls think that natural animal hair is the best choice, two aunt want to tell you that beauty products are now even animal experiments are less and less, you have the nerve to do with the hair of the hair to do it? No profit leads to no extinction!