How To Choose Buy A Good Makeup Brush

- Jan 16, 2018-

how to choose buy a good makeup brush

Step 1: try to buy one of the best price a points goods, the quality of the brushes and its price is proportional to the cheek is red brush a few hundred dollars, if you take care of it, so it can be used ten years (really!) Natural bristles are the best: they are like human hair soft and natural cuticle Blue squirrel is one of the best (and most expensive), but the little horse hair, down producing goat, and mink is good too Don't omit synthetic brush, of course, they can be very good stick on cosmetic use liquid and cream.

   Step 2: have the right combination of the four most used makeup brushes: big powder paint; A slightly smaller and fluffy blush brush; Choose the brush with a round head because it does not cause too much damage to the makeup, says the eye shadow brush and the concealer, which is used to remove spots and blemishes.

   Step 3: keep brush clean Once a month, put the brush head in warm soapy water washing For natural hair, makeup girl suggested with a neutral shampoo Wash with tissue will moisture blot, brush flat until completely dry Don't brush upright in a glass to dry, because the center of gravity will run to a wet brush aside, this variant makes the brush after dry.

    A basis for the fourth step: don't be upset for foundation brush daub on many foundation when it just touching your face, so that makeup on uneven makeup artist or prefer to use make up cotton to replace the brush, it can be completely and fit to cover the entire face.