How To Choose Makeup Brush

- Oct 13, 2017-

One: how to choose makeup brush

More common materials:

Animal hair: mink hair / yellow wolf tail, horse hair, goat hair, squirrel hair, pig mane, hairy hair.

Artificial hair: made of nylon and synthetic man-made fibers.

Second, the comparison of common materials:

Sable / yellow wolf tail: hair in the best, good elasticity, good color, durable.

Ma hair: texture than the goat hard, mostly used as eye shadow brush.

Goat wool: the most popular bristles, soft and durable texture.

Squirrel hair: lighter than the sable hair soft.

The name of the "badger badger", hard, brown head black tail, only used: oblique eyebrow brush

Man-made fibers: harder than the above animals, suitable for thick paste paste makeup.

Nylon: the hardest texture, mostly used for eyelash brush, eyebrow brush.

Third, the makeup brush to buy skills:

Brush soft and smooth, full structure full, bristles are not easy to fall off, easy to use grip.