How To Clean Up Makeup Brush

- Dec 20, 2017-

How to Clean up Makeup Brush

Cleaning makeup brushes is a very important steps.  how to clean the makeup brushes?      1.Apply makeup to blush brush/powder brush and eyeliner brush/foundation brush! You need to figure out your brush type first and then clean t in time.     2.The former is made of animal hair,which is recommended to be dry-cleand once a month and washed once every three months. The latter is mostly artificial fiber wool and washed at least once a week.    3.First pour the shampoo into the bowl and mix it with the bubbles ,then thoroughly mix the bristles into the bubble water.   4.Brush head to brush egg groove repeatedly wash brush. the whole process needs gentle, make the residual smut and colour makeup of bristles is cleand out completely.   5. Finally,clean the brush with clean water and clean the residual cleanser in the bristles thoroughly.

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