How To Distinguish Makeup Bristles

- Oct 13, 2017-

1, yellow wolf hair: also known as mink hair, be the top of the hair. As the yellow wolf tail no length size, it is generally used to do eye shadow brush and lip brush, softness and toughness is great. But because of its own characteristics, do the soft brush when the softness will not be so good, people will think that bar, so the choice of short-haired yellow wolf brush, to be psychologically prepared Oh

2, gray hair: high-grade hair, gloss is very good, characterized by hair root coarse hair slightly thin, very soft but relatively poor flexibility, more suitable for large area of the brush, not suitable for fine brush.

3, squirrel hair: is also more high-grade brush material, delicate silky is its conspicuous place, hair root is very thick, do a separate brush will cause the hollow empty embarrassment. So it is usually mixed with other hair.

4, goat hair: as the most common brush material, goat hair is definitely a lot of people's heart is good, but he is also graded Oh, a total of 21 species, what is a few more common: