Introduction To Common Makeup Brushes

- Dec 23, 2017-

Introduction to common makeup brushes

  1. Sable hair, high grade hair, peak hair, soft and flexible, because it doesn't have too long to be used in lip brush, or small eye brush.

  2. Goats' hair, and is more commonly used in the cosmetic brush a hair, because of the high wool have,, cheap, so can meet the requirements of different makeup brush, high-grade Mao Shen even thickness of goat hair elastic, maofeng tea slender and soft is commonly used in big brush production, a brief introduction of the classification of the wool.

  3. The ultimate in fine light wool, wool, maofeng tea fine and straight, Mao Shen compared to other more fine soft flexible, the price also is quite striking, large thin light brush on the face is the feeling of cool breeze stroke face.

  4. Medium light front high-grade hair, slightly inferior to fine light front, maofeng fine straight, wool body soft and delicate, commonly used in the manufacture of big brush, the brush face has a relaxed feeling.

  5. White peak, medium fine wool, inferior to medium light front, hair peak fine straight, wool body also very soft, but from the skin feeling to be below the medium light front.

  6. Huang jianfeng, middle grade hair, maofeng straight but soft degree obviously decreased, because the price is less than the above several kinds of, often the bad businessman impersonates the white jianfeng, and zhong guang feng.

  7. No.2 wool, medium and low wool, maofeng slightly curved, uneven, soft low, the brush has obvious rough feeling.

  8. Horse hair also has common and high-grade cent, and the grade of length, natural and water wash, price difference is very big. Washable horsehair soft and delicate, fine powder performance, high color fast and cost effective, commonly used in the production of eye shadow brush.

  9. Pahmi hair, the elasticity of the body is generally used for the making of eyebrow brush.

  10. Wool fiber Also have called nylon hair, wool, the main from the high and low production of raw materials, finished products generally have straight wire, and wire bending, bending wire according to different camber and several segment, according to MAO's raw materials. And MAO's purposes, and the prices are different specifications of MAO also vary a lot, here to say a myth, there are a lot of people think that fiber hair too hard, don't stop, not suitable for cosmetic brush, actually it is OUT, now with the development of science and technology of fiber can be used according to the type of makeup brush MAO fine production for almost all makeup brush, is because of its nature of controllable, and long life characteristics such as easy to save, in recent years has been recognized by many international brands.

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