Makeup Brush For Beginners

- Jan 12, 2018-

Makeup Brush for Beginners

According to different parts and makeup requirements, apply makeup brush to apply makeup brush to apply makeup brush to brush the eye contour brush eye contour brush eye brush eyebrow brush eyelash brush to brush the brush to brush the shadow brush and so on.But for beginners, you just need to brush your eye shadow with a brush.A beginner can make a perfect look with a brush with a foundation brush and a brush with a brush.

  Foundation brush: hardness to hard to choose Closely thick elastic, synthetic fiber is preferred, dip in with in this way can we better take foundation and the ability to create more bright makeup look Powdery bottom is brushed brush head, there are four common flat brush brush brush flat round head inclined head brush. For the novice, the flat head brush is the most suitable foundation brush with a flat head brush with a thick brush, large contact area, easy to cover pores, no brush marks, suitable for beginners; But it only applies to foundation liquid and dry powder, not suitable for thick powder cream and foundation cream flat brush bristles, can brush the face to the more difficult position; However, for the novice, the strength and Angle are not easy to grasp, the brush is not good may have obvious brush mark round head brush makeup area big speed quick, hiding power strong, persistent strong; However, the new one is easy to turn into a thick and thick makeup with the inclined head brush compared to the face line, but the top speed is too slow, in the case of not rush time, the novice can consider.

  Eyeshadow brush:The eye shadow brush is used to outline the makeup look of the eye ministry, redundant had better choose the eye shadow brush that is flat.

  Blush brush: basically is to have a transition role, for the nature of makeup look, it does not need to be too strong in the powder, so can choose the brush with soft wool long.

 powder brush: powder brushis to make up the makeup, choose the loose brush face of fluffy round head is very comfortable

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