Makeup Brush Their Role In The Introduction

- Oct 13, 2017-

he following is the general knowledge of makeup brush:

1, fan-shaped brush: used to sweep away the face of excess powder, is the largest one in the makeup brush

2, blush brush: used to brush blush, blush brush and repair brush separately use, so as not to color mixed dirty face

3, foundation brush: for smear liquid foundation, but the foundation smear evenly

4, repair brush (side brush): make-up after brushing the shadow color, used to modify the facial contours, large can be used for powder brush

5, eye shadow stick: used to draw the color of the eye shadow

6, eye shadow brush: used to apply eye shadow, large for large area blooming, trumpet for small area blooming, it is recommended that different colors use different brushes, so as not to color mixing

7, lip brush: apply lipstick lipstick and other cosmetics

8, to modify the pen (Concealer brush) used to dip the foundation to cover facial defects, bags under the eyes, dark circles and modify the make-up when the small error concealer with a dark foundation

9, eyeliner brush: water after the water-soluble eyeliner powder into a paste, painted eyeliner, the effect of natural soft

10, eyelash brush: trim eyelashes or repair eyebrows

11, bevel eyebrow brush: dip eyebrow eyebrows eyebrows