The Basic Makeup Brush For Your Eyes

- Dec 21, 2017-

The Basic Makeup Brush for Your Eyes

As saying goes,eyes are the window of our inner minds and the most crucial area in the face .if you want to be  more beautiful, you can make up from you eyes. Therefore, as a female , we should care our eyes from inside to outside.  There are seven makeup brush for your eyes. it is concluded is as follows:1. blending brush: using the tip to  apply powder, sweeping back and forth through the crease for blended and  diffused finish.2.eye shadow brush: it is used mainly in the eyelid. you can apply the powder that you like color to embellish your eyelid. 3.angled eye shader brush:  highight ing the outline of your eyes make more natural .4.eye liner brush:it can create smooth and even line , which make your eyes charming.5.eyelash brush: it is indispensable in making up , which make your eyelash more longer and dense. i like it, ehat do you think of it? as a female, you deserve to possess, do not you?

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