The Role Of Mask Brush And Mask Brush Cleaning And Maintenance

- Oct 13, 2017-

Mask brush effect

Mask brush is made of animal hair, do not hurt the skin, easy to clean and save, mask brush can make the mask coated even more uniform, to achieve good skin care effect, is a practical tool for girls to maintain the skin. The general brush is made of wool, will damage the skin.

When using the mask brush, first use the mask to be adjusted (liquid), with the mask brush dip mask deposited in the face can be!

Cleaning and maintenance of mask brush

Wash the mask brush should be diluted with soapy water or clean water, after a dry brush with a towel to remove the remaining water, bristle finishing, flat dry.

Avoid direct contact with the bristles of the hand and face, keep the hands dry, and also reduce the bacteria when smearing.