7 special makeup brushes that you absolutely need

- Dec 30, 2017-

The makeup brushes we've all seen, and often used, but these 7 makeup brushes, you'll probably see strange, what is it for?

Wave eye shadow brush:It is a suitable eye shadow brush for the eye type of a single eyelid. The wave shape can make eye shadow more fit.

Three in one powder brush:Suitable for people who are used to using honey powder or powder. The brush is suitable for the cheeks, Outlines, and around the eyes. Make the powder and face more fit.

Foundation brush:A rotary foundation brush can make foundation and face more fit. And it's not just a long brush.

The most suitable dual-use brush for travel:One can be used to brush foundation, while the other is a sponge, which can be used for concealer products, or on a business trip or trip with such a brush.

Powder brush:Looks like a brush with an exaggerated brush, but it is used to make the last step of the makeup, with the honey powder on the face to sweep, it will make the makeup look extremely fit.

Eyeliner brush:Double eyeliner brush, when you can't see your eyes in the mirror, you can switch to the other side of the brush. Make it easier to see the eyeliner.

Powder brush:Often the honey paint is in the middle, this middle depression of the honey paint, can make the circle more dispersed. The honey powder is better attached than the brush head.

macaroon tri-color eyeshadow brush

Angled eyebrow brush