What Is The Meaning Of The Style Of The So-called Human Style?

- Oct 13, 2017-

Style word, we will find the word not only in the items, it has also been applied to many other aspects. Sometimes, it is used to describe the person's demeanor, for example, Pu Songling in the "Strange Tales - Xin fourteen mother" wrote, "Liang has 19 women, are elegant style"; sometimes, they are used They are even used to describe some rock bands, as we often hear about some of the so-called Gothic bands.

"Style" is everywhere, it covers every aspect of our daily life, penetrate into every level. Can ask the style is what a concept, many people do not quite understand. "Modern Chinese Dictionary" in the definition of customs style is: an era, a nation. A genre or a person's literary and artistic works of the main features of the performance and artistic characteristics.