ZOREYA International Working Women's Day

- Mar 08, 2018-

ZOREYA International Working Women's Day!

  8th,March.International Working Women's Day! Happy International Working Women's Day to women all over the world!

 In ZOREYA, It's a very festive atmosphere.our human resource manager wish all of the women happy holiday in the Internet. and then take a lot of rose flowers,hand them to the women of the company with a blessing. and you? for women, it's best to send a present at the festival.maybe a good makeup brush can make the women happy in the holiday.We specializes in makeup brushes for over 14 years with good quality and competitive price. we are looking forward to coopertation with you.

 please trust us, we are the best.

 At the last,once again,Happy International Working Women's Day!

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rose for women.jpg

rose for women.jpg